A New Year ahead

The holidays are over and 2014 is here.  We all have resolutions that we want to fulfill, but ultimately I think most of us just want a balanced life.  Everyone has their own definition of balance. So my so-called balanced life is different from the next person.  What I do know, is that having a husband, three children and a business can get a bit hectic.  My balance is being present…..when I am at Wiggles and Giggles doing my thing, I am 100% present with the children.  At home, I do my best to do the same.  As parents, we have a lot of plates spinning at one time,  the trick is not to break any.  Taking time out for you daily is critical in a balanced life.  I have always enjoyed exercising and without it, I feel like my life would be a bit out of sync.  Life is truly what you make of it, and with a good support system, a loving family and friends….you have got it made.